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Kindness Walks

April 15 - Kindness Walk Report

Kindness walk report

By: Madelyn Chuyi Lu HKIS 601 Grade 3

What is the best way to make people care about others in need? What makes people take action for them? Get them to participate in volunteer work such as a kindness walk! The association Impact HK has hosted two walks — both giving food to homeless people in need. I volunteered to go to the second walk, and that’s what I’m going to tell you about now.
The second walk was hosted on 15th April, after meeting up in a room, the founder of Impact HK explained to us about homeless people, and introduced us to Alex, a full time worker for Impact HK, who was once homeless. Afterwards, we started the walk. We gave homeless people eggs, snacks, water etc. We walked in Tai Kok Tsui, and saw lots of homeless people. I was shocked by the amount of homeless people and felt really bad for them. It made me want to help them more, but as a child, this was the best I could do for them. It will depend on the government to provide homeless shelters with internet, beds, air conditioning, showers and other needs for the homeless. As we crossed the footbridge, we saw a lot of tent-like tiny homes made out of blankets and I thought, how terrible must the homeless feel when they see other people with their homes while a blanket is all they have for privacy. We visited the activities center Impact HK had set up for homeless people to shower, go on the internet, have their daily meals and more. Lastly, we went to the opening of the subway and the founder of Impact HK explained to us how the government is pretending to have renovation on the right side of the subway because the homeless people slept and camped on the right side. Everyone who volunteered agreed they had a nice and meaningful time and wanted to do this again. Francis He, the founder of Project Visible Homeless feels great about his role because that will bring support and attention from parents, teachers and students. That means more people will volunteer to do a kindness walk! For the next part of Project Visible Homeless, there is a chance there will be a photo exhibition on campus HKIS, and Monica He, Francis’ mother, very much supports Francis’ interest in visible homeless and thinks he could really appreciate the privilege of life. She knows there are lots of homeless people in the world, but she didn’t know there are so many. After this walk, she really reflected. Project Visible Homeless is doing well, I hope more people will take part in it and that Project Visible Homeless will be able to continue. I hope that Project Visible Homeless will shed a light on the plights of the homeless and that more help will be given them. I do wish that Project Visible Homeless will paint them a better life and make them happy and smile again.