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Francis He

Francis is currently a Grade 4 student at HKIS in Hong Kong and has always been an active member in his community.

As a member of the student council last year, Francis promoted the U.N. Sustainability Development Goals and worked on a paper recycling project on campus. He joined the Student Digital Leadership Team, contributing to innovative projects such as a noise control processor, and played cello in the orchestra. Francis also joined the Tai Tam Tigers tier one soccer team and has recently discovered a new passion in water polo.

Among his various activities, Francis found profound significance in his involvement with the HKIS Upper Primary Service Club. After participating in a Kindness Walk with Impact HK in Grade 3, he gained firsthand insight into the challenges faced by the homeless population in Hong Kong. Motivated by this experience, Francis, with the support of his teachers and peers, successfully applied for a grant through the James Handrich Service Leadership Endowment Fund for two consecutive years to organize additional Kindness Walks, involving over 100 students to date.

Currently, Francis is dedicated to developing his website and creating a Roblox game, ‘Invisible No More’, to further engage children beyond his school community.

Listen to Francis

Francis Spoke About Kindness Walk

Special thanks to interviewer Madelyn Chiyu Lu

Francis Interviewed ImpactHK Founder, Mr. Jeff Rotmeyer

Special thanks to Jeff Rotmeyer

Francis in Action


Ms. Carrie Chen

Ms. Linette Perez

Mr. Samuel Oginni

Mr. Jeff Edwards


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Supporting Organizations


Hong Kong International School

James Handrich Service Leadership Endowment

Upper Primary Service Club