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Invisible No More:

The Homeless Awareness Adventure - A Roblox Game

Genesis of the Game

How I Chose the Name

The name “Invisible No More” reflects our mission to shed light on homelessness and make the struggles of the homeless visible to all. By playing this game, kids can learn about the realities of homelessness and become empowered to make a difference in their communities.


My inspiration stems from Mr. Jeff Rotmeyer and his remarkable NGO, ImpactHK. Having personally participated in several Kindness Walks led by ImpactHK, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of these experiences. Inspired by Mr. Rotmeyer’s dedication and the impact of his organization, I sought to extend this transformative potential to a wider audience.

Additionally, my two years of involvement with the HKIS Upper Primary Service Club have deeply influenced me. One particular memory that stands out is a candy game we played, illustrating how individuals are born into different circumstances — some with an abundance of resources, while others are born into homelessness. I am incredibly grateful for the life and education I’ve been given, and I feel humbled to be working on the Visible Homeless Project. It brings me great joy to help others. Together with my friends at the Service Club and HKIS, I am committed to making a meaningful difference in our community.

Finally, I participated in a seminar and workshop led by Prof. Patrick Jagoda, an esteemed expert in game studies and game design from the University of Chicago, at the university’s Hong Kong campus. The workshop focused on the utilization of games to address social issues and the intricacies of world-building in game development. This experience provided me with a wealth of ideas and inspiration, significantly enhancing my learning journey.

Key Innovations

Its key innovation lies in transforming service from a mere meaningful act to a genuinely enjoyable experience. While many children participate in service activities out of altruism, they may not always find it enjoyable, resulting in sporadic engagement. Through the Roblox game I’ve developed, serving the community becomes both entertaining and enlightening, incentivizing sustained involvement and fostering a positive societal impact.

Moreover, by harnessing the power of technology and the internet, the project aims to make assistance for homeless individuals more cost-effective and efficient. Traditional methods like organizing Kindness Walks can incur substantial expenses and limited slots often leaving many eager students on waitlists. However, by leveraging technology, the project can engage a larger number of children at a significantly reduced cost, maximizing the impact of each donation and extending its reach to a broader audience with its message of compassion and social responsibility.

How I Choose the Protagonist Naomi for the Game Presentation

I’ve become an older brother for almost three years now, and I adore my sister Naomi. As she approaches her third birthday, she’s started to join me in many of my activities. Recently, when I was organizing a fundraising sale to support the homeless population in Hong Kong, I gave her a Visible Homeless Project t-shirt in her size, and she enthusiastically supports everything I do.

When Naomi was born, I told my mom that I would like to take responsibility for teaching my younger siblings many things I know. By featuring Naomi as the protagonist of this game introduction video, I hope to positively influence her and inspire her to learn, care, and help those in need, particularly the homeless population.

The Game

Introduction of the Game

Welcome to “Invisible No More: The Homeless Awareness Adventure”! This game is designed to educate and engage young children about the issue of homelessness around the world. Players embark on a virtual journey through the bustling streets of an imagined cosmopolitan, where they encounter homeless individuals in need of assistance.

Rules of the Game

Currently, only Level 1 of the game is accessible. In this initial stage, players navigate city streets to locate homeless individuals and explore resources to aid them. Acts of kindness, such as providing food items like burgers, eggs, water bottles, and bananas, earn players points. Upon accumulating enough points, players can advance to higher levels. In future updates, players will unlock additional tools and face new challenges as they deepen their interaction with the homeless population.

How to Play

If you don’t have a Roblox account yet, you’ll need to register for one and download Roblox on your desktop or tablet. Once you have done this, click on the link below and then the large green button to begin playing.

Future Development Plan

Level 2 will introduce additional tools for aiding the homeless, such as imparting skills, assisting with government support applications, and connecting them to NGOs. Players will also provide substantial living necessities beyond food, such as tents, clothing, and medicine, earning points for each kindness action.

In Level 3, players will utilize their in-game experiences to make a tangible difference in the real world by mobilizing social media outreach to raise funds for the homeless. Additionally, players can collaborate with their in-game community to collectively achieve goals and even establish their own non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The educational resources embedded within the game will offer valuable insights into homelessness issues, nurturing empathy and fostering deeper understanding among players.

Please join us in this homeless awareness adventure!

Support Needed

We are seeking support to fund the ongoing development and maintenance of the game and website. Contributions will cover essential expenses, including domain registration, hosting, software tools, and security measures. Your support will enable us to reach a broader audience and create meaningful change in how homelessness is perceived and addressed.

Thank you for considering supporting our project!

Together, we can make homelessness “Invisible No More” and build a brighter future for all.

Special Thanks

This project is made possible by the generous support of the James Handrich Service Leadership Endowment Fund, the HKIS UP Service Club, and the NGO Impact HK. Additionally, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my mentors and Service Club friends for continually inspiring me with fresh ideas. Your invaluable contributions play a pivotal role in our mission to raise awareness and cultivate compassion for the homeless community.